Natalie Tong's surprising response when asked if she would work with BF Tony Hung

25 April 2016 / 6 months 6 days ago

Life has not really changed for Natalie Tong after she went public about her relationship with Tony Hung.

 She collaborated with him on Rear Mirror in 2013, reports Asianpopnews.

Earlier this year Natalie starred in a police procedural drama with close friend Benjamin Yuen called Speed of Life.

It became one of the highest­ rated TVB dramas of the year, and has caused Natalie to gain quite a handful of new fans.

On working with Benjamin, Natalie said, “Ben and I are both Taurus.

"We are both very rational so we automatically clicked.

"We have a hate­love relationship on the show.

"If we weren’t compatible, it would be hard to translate that relationship to the screen.”

When speaking about compatibility, Natalie was asked if she would want to work with her boyfriend, Tony Hung, on screen again.

She laughed and said, “I don’t know if we’re compatible for it! Maybe it’s possible.

"[When it comes to working onscreen] it’s important for both of us to be bold, and to have trust in each other.”

Natalie professed that she is actually a very stubborn person in real life, saying, “If I have a plan, I follow through with it. If someone changes it, it makes me really irritated.”

But Natalie also remarked that it’s exhausting to be so uptight all the time, and said she does have a side of herself that is very easygoing.

“But there are times when I can’t care less and do whatever people want.”

Asking if Tony has a easygoing personality, Natalie said. “Not really. He’s quite principled.”

Natalie, who made her debut in 2000 and won her first acting award in 2010, said she never had formal acting training.

The 34­-year­-old said she was fortunate enough to have seniors such as Wayne Lai, Power Chan, Kristal Tin, and producer Lee Tim­sing to guide her through the years.

As Tony’s senior in acting, does Natalie monitor Tony’s acting performance and offer him some criticism?

Natalie said, “[Criticism] can really affect an actor’s emotions.

"This is something I’ve always noticed.

"Unless he asks me, I would not take the initiative to teach him.”

Rather than pointing out all the wrongs in Tony’s performance, Natalie said it is more important to encourage the rights.

“Criticism is something that all actors would experience eventually, but the journey must be done alone.

He must find the step to move forward on his own.

"This is why I think it’s more important to encourage him and walk that step with him.”

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