Natalie Tong refuses to let BF Tony Hung hold her hand during date

25 May 2016 / 5 months 4 days ago

Tony Hung and Natalie Tong have been engulfed with wedding rumours after it was discovered that they have been dating secretly.

Both of them were recently seen in Causeway Bay in the afternoon and appeared embarrassed when surrounded by a big group of reporters.

Initially, they were walking together and Tony tried to hold Natalie's hand several times but she refused to give her hand, reports Asian E-News Portal.

When asked if they had any marriage plans, Tony denied it immediately and said: "Nope! Nope!"

He then accompanied his girlfriend to a nearby cafe to meet her female friend and walked away after sitting around for 15 minutes.

It was uncertain if Tony walked off or continued to wait for his girlfriend.

When he was asked about viewing apartment together with Natalie in Mid-Levels earlier while walking out of the cafe, Tony only smiled and did not reply.

When reporters asked if he had plans to buy property before getting married, Tony had no reply as well.

Finally when the reporters asked if he will invite Kenneth Ma to his wedding, Tony responded that he could not reveal that and walked away quickly. 

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