Natalie Tong defends BF Tony Hung reconnecting with ex-GF

4 June 2016 / 4 months 2 weeks ago

Rumours have been circulating that Tony Hung has reconnected with his ex-girlfriend Bird Tse after meeting at a party.

At a recent event, Tony's girlfriend Natalie Tong explained that he had "reported" to her about it in advance.

According to, she said: "It's such a small matter. It's just some gossipy news. There is no need to worry."

Tabloids have reported that Natalie cried over Tony and Bird's reunion and that they had quarrelled as well.

However, Natalie denied it and said: "I don't even know [I cried]! It's just a normal gathering. I won't ask too much."

She talked about how she was not the controlling type: "I won't control my other half, as that will be so tiring. Besides, if you control a man, your relationship will not last. A grown-up man will know what he is doing. There is no need to control. Respect is more important."

When the media told Natalie that Bird had commented, "I will marry you", on her photo with Tony, Natalie said: "It's an inside joke within their circle of friends. I don't know her. No comment."

She added that she was not jealous and said that she also had many guy friends.

When asked if she had trust in Tony, she smiled and said, "Please do not speculate further."

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