Nancy Wu opens up about breakup: There really isn’t anything that I can’t let go

6 August 2016 / 2 months 2 weeks ago

Nancy Wu and musician Terry Chan dated for a little over a year before finally calling it quits last month. Nancy confirmed the split last Friday over social media.

At a promotional event for her latest TV drama A Fist Within Four Walls in Hung Hom, Nancy did not dodge questions about her breakup with Terry, and gave fairly detailed responses as to why they decided to call it quits after dating for nearly two years.

“I just came back from vacation so I feel great,” said Nancy when the reporters asked about how she was coping with the breakup, reports JayneStars.

Asking if she had cried, Nancy smiled and said, “No! It’s not like it was my first time dating!”

Nancy continued, “There really isn’t anything that I can’t let go. Every new experience brings personal growth. Your views can also change when you get older. I know many people have been worried about me. I’ve received many messages of encouragement and support. Do not worry; I am fine!”

Before Nancy confirmed the split last Friday, there were rumors that a third person had entered their relationship, prompting Nancy to break it off.

Nancy denied the reports. “It’s all false. None of that ever happened in our relationship,” she said.

On the reasons behind their breakup, Nancy said simply, “Personality differences.”

The TV Queen also denied the rumors claiming that the breakup stemmed from her being persistent about marrying Terry, saying, “You can’t force someone to marry you.”

Though it’s already been a month since their breakup, Nancy said she and Terry still keep in contact.

She has not thought about getting back together with him, and asked the media to give Terry some privacy.

Asking if Nancy would avoid dating in the meantime, she said, “I never thought about this. I’ll let nature take its course. It’s probably just not the right time for me yet.”

Nancy Wu
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