Nancy Wu drops hints about wanting to get married

21 January 2016 / 9 months 5 days ago

Nancy Wu may soon walk the aisle like her best friend Myolie Wu.

According to a gossip magazine, the 34-year-old TV Queen has been dropping signs to her 46-year-old musician boyfriend Terry Chan about tying the knot.

The magazine’s sources add that it could be as soon as this year, reports Jayne Stars.

Nancy and Terry have only been dating for a year but the pair is already living together.

Nancy is also becoming more and more comfortable about sharing their relationship, and occasionally poses in publicly-shared photos with her boyfriend.

The couple recently made an appearance together for Johnson Lee and Pal Palwerful Concert. In 2014, Nancy purchased a flashy $7 million HKD apartment in Tuen Mun, which is allegedly to be Nancy and Terry’s new home after their marriage.

What intensified these marriage rumors some more was Terry’s new $800,000 HKD BMW, which has a license plate that starts with “TN” -- Terry and Nancy.

Earlier this year, Nancy slipped to the press that she is at an appropriate age for marriage.

Reporters also discovered that Terry has been following various wedding social media accounts.

However, Nancy denied her wedding rumors when she was asked about them, also declining to answer the questions that asked when she would get married to the music producer.

Terry also declined to clarify. He said, “Every couple would want to end up in marriage. You just need to believe in each other.”

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