Myolie Wu's fiance caught flirting with other girls at pub while she's away filming

24 November 2015 / 11 months 6 days ago

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), 36, and her boyfriend Philip Lee, 42, will be getting married on 28th December.

They are willing to give up a fairytale wedding theme for a customary Hakka-style wedding in Sha Tau Kok, followed by a wedding banquet at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong.

Earlier, Apply Daily revealed that they had secretly registered their marriage on 5th November, the eve of Myolie's birthday.

The reader, Mr Feng (馮先生) took photographs and a video clip of Myolie's fiance, Philip was seen at a pub at around 1 plus in the morning.

He was chatting with some westerner friends while a male friend accompanied him to drink and watch football at the same time. Philip started getting happier after drinking a few glasses and started to flirt with the girls.

In the video clip, two beautiful women were seen taking the initiatives, by beginning to chat and bite his ears.

According to Mr Feng, the women had been sitting by themselves and playing games together. Initially, they did not greet Philip at all.

It seemed that he did not know them but a woman wearing an outfit revealing her the shoulder approached Philip, started behaving intimately and bit his ears.

However, Philip appeared to have strong willpower and did not take any action. Nevertheless, he revealed an expression akin to boosting his pride and showing his friends that he was full of charm.

Subsequently, another gorgeous woman with long hair walked over to Philip, chatted and bit his ears as well. They started to sit closely during the conversation and the woman's chest was leaned towards Philip.

The reader said Philip left at around 2 plus in the morning and his friends were supposed to leave first, reports Asian E-News Portal.

Myolie has been filming a series in Tianjin and reporters from Apple Daily had tried to contact her, but she was unavailable.

See photos of Philip at the pub below.

Myolie Wu, TVB
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