Is Myolie Wu engaged? She flashes huge diamond ring

7 November 2015 / 11 months 2 weeks ago

Myolie Wu is celebrating her 36th birthday tonight but she is also expected to announce her engagement to friends, reports Jayne Stars via and ihktv.

The star was spotted entering a party venue in Central and declined to speak to reporters. But she flashed a brilliant smile and did not try to hide the large diamond ring on her ring finger.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that the couple will be tying the knot in Hong Kong next month. In contrast to prior belief that the wedding will take place in England, the couple is now instead holding their wedding in Hong Kong to accommodate friends and family.

Furthermore, since Philip is the eldest son from a traditional Hakka family, the couple will be required to perform ceremony rituals at the village in which Philip was born.

To appease her future in-laws, Myolie has reportedly given up on her dreams for a fairytale wedding in England to hold the wedding in Hong Kong instead.

With Myolie turning 36 years old today, Philip has reportedly invited many of the couple’s good friends and will be throwing a combined birthday and engagement party.

Attending Myolie’s birthday party tonight, Linda Chung, Kelly Fu, Adrian Chau, and Daniel Chau declined to speak with the press.

However, Elaine Yiu hinted, “There should be good news after tonight is over! I’ll let the two of them share the good news themselves!”

Elaine also added that for the wedding, Myolie will likely wear a gown from her own wedding studio.

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