Myolie Wu’s frank response to reports of fiancé Philip Lee flirting with other women at pub

25 November 2015 / 11 months 4 days ago

Myolie Wu's fiancé, Philip Lee was photographed at a club, surrounded by several women.

According to Hong Kong tabloids, Philip was initially drinking with a group of Caucasian male friends.

Later, two women took notice of Philip and began flirting with him. A patron of the public revealed that Philip initially looked as though he did not know the women.

Then a lady in an off-shoulder blouse walked towards Philip and whispered to him. A while later, another woman wearing a tank top also befriended Philip, reports AsianPopNews

Philip and the lady were chatting happily and even shared some whispers.

She even rested her hand on his shoulders. Even though Philip was approached by the women, he did not reciprocate the flirting, but it seemed like he was happy to get attention from the women.

Myolie responded to his actions by saying that:

"He is just engaging in a normal social gathering. Everyone is holding a phone to take photos nowadays, so anyone can be paparazzi. It's not strange at all. He has some friends coming from England lately. It was just a gathering."

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