Movie star's $65,000 'muscles' spark heated debate online

3 January 2016 / 9 months 3 weeks ago

Movie goers should understand that not everything they see on the big screen is real.

Recently released photos from the set of Mr. Six show special effects artists pasting man-made muscles on the chest of award-winning actor Zhang Hanyu for his role as Men Saner, a street gangster always ready to fight and help his friends.

According to China Daily, it reportedly took six hours for all nine pieces of 'muscles' to be put on Zhang's arms, shoulders, chest, back and belly before each shooting and another two hours to remove them after.

The whole set of artificial muscles cost a total of 300,000 yuan (S$65,000).

The film crew's attempt at displaying Zhang's dedication by enduring the trouble and discomfort of applying the fake muscles backfired as audiences who found his body attractive were disappointed to know that it was all fake.

Netizens questioned Zhang's professional ethics compared to other actors who worked hard to look more like the characters they were playing.

Zhang's supporters defended the actor and said that movie fans should be more tolerant.

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