Motorcyclist says actress Rui En offered him $2k after knocking down his new $13k bike

14 April 2016 / 6 months 2 weeks ago

By Fatin Nabilah Awang,
The New Paper,
Apr 13, 2016

Mr Bahrom Sarmiten was walking towards his parked motorcycle in Clementi Avenue 2 on Tuesday (April 12) afternoon when, right before his very eyes, a BMW coupe mowed down his new bike.

Mr Bahrom, who was about to head home after visiting his mother, said he chased after the BMW, which had started moving away, for a few metres before the driver stopped and he banged on the window.

Mr Bahrom, who had just bought the Bajaj RS200 two months ago for more than $13,000, said that when the driver got out of the car, she didn't apologise.

"All she said was 'Do you know who I am?'" he told The New Paper.

He didn't.

It turns out that the driver was local TV actress Rui En, who is up for three awards at the upcoming Star Awards: Best Actress (The Dream Makers 2), Favourite Female Character (The Dream Makers 2) and Favourite Onscreen Couple (with Qi Yuwu in The Dream Makers 2 and with Shaun Chen in The Journey: Our Homeland).

Mr Bahrom, a 52-year-old who works as a driver, said she offered him $2,000 to settle the matter, but he refused to accept it because he felt it was not enough to cover the damage to his motorcycle.

He added that she was disrespectful to him and smelled of alcohol.

His sister, who happened to pass by then, called the police for him.

Mr Bahrom, who works as a driver, said the police arrived about 15 minutes later and administered a breathalyser test on the actress, who ironically played a police woman in two TV series - C.L.I.F. 2 and Metamorphosis.

He added that she was taken away in a police car.

Mr Bahrom said it was only later that a passer-by told him the driver was an actress.

An eyewitness said the actress (below) appeared to be trying to avoid being recognised by members of the public by shielding her face.

This article was first published on April 13, 2016. 
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