Mother of 4 loses 108kg after splitting from fat fetishist boyfriend

28 November 2015 / 10 months 3 weeks ago

Nov 27, 2015

Some women may diet and exercise to keep fit and look healthy, but one American woman did the opposite, gaining weight and eating huge meals - with her ex-boyfriend's approval and encouragement.

Patty Sanchez, from Reno, Nevada, weighed 327kg at her heaviest, but now looks unrecognisable after turning her life around and losing 108kg in the process, reported the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror.

The 51-year-old mother of four had packed on the pounds by consuming a whopping 13,000 calories a day for several years in order to please her fat fetishist 'feeder' ex-boyfriend, as well as her online fans.

She also once had plans to become the heaviest woman in the world. "I was tremendous - and dying a slow death," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying. Patty had once weighed a healthy 69kg in 1991, but after divorcing her second husband, she decided to binge on whatever she wanted to eat, as she was "fed up of staying slim for men."

She met her feeder ex-boyfriend in 2000, and was introduced to the subculture by him. He reportedly loved seeing her eat, and according to Patty, 90 per cent of their relationship revolved around eating.

At that point in time, she felt sexy and happy that she was pleasing him, so she kept on eating what he served her.

"For breakfast I would eat biscuits and gravy, eggs over easy, fried potatoes, bacon, and orange juice," Patty said. Lunch would be fast food and sodas, and dinner was a "four to five course meal" with plenty of carbohydrates and sugary drinks.

Things took an even stranger turn, however, when Patty's ex-boyfriend enlisted a group of fans to pay for her food and keep her weight up when he wasn't around due to work.

That was when she felt her weight gain was no longer just for his personal enjoyment, and they separated. She felt heartbroken at first, lacking his attention and affection, but eventually received a wake-up call.

"I was stuck in bed with no one to help me and that was an overwhelming reality check," Patty said.

She was bedridden from the excessive weight gain, and when she could move, she would take 20 minutes to walk three steps from her bed to her bathroom.

With the help of her two sons, Patty is now more mobile, and has cut out 10,000 calories from her diet. Today, she weighs 215kg, and has plans to lose more weight.

By changing her diet and lifestyle, eating salads and fruits and doing light exercise, Patty managed to shed her weight and improve her relationship with her children.

"They say I'm easier to be around now," Patty said, "I guess food was making me miserable and I didn't even realise it."

Today, Patty can do things she couldn't do for years, that other people take for granted - such as bathing, painting her toenails, and even walking unaided.

"There are more downfalls than good things," Patty said, of feeder relationships. "Don't put anyone before you, because this is what happens - and it's not healthy."

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