More photos show just how pretty woman was -- BEFORE plastic surgery

30 June 2016 / 3 months 4 weeks ago

Pixee Fox is a model famous for her plastic surgery procedures and doll-like features, but these photos shows just how much of a beauty she once was.

Photos on her website show the 26-year-old surgery-addict as a beautiful, fresh-faced, blonde before her transformations.

The former electrician - who had already had a total of 18 cosmetic procedures - had eye implants to further her "cartoon dream", even though her eyes were already green to begin with. 

This was after she had six ribs removed as part of her dream to sculpt the ultimate hourglass figure.

She has spent about $125,000 on surgeries, but she seriously looks amazing before. 

Fox showed off her 'Amazon-themed' photoshoot and the series of photos with her horse, showing she was once a natural beauty.

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