More photos from Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo's second wedding banquet in Taiwan

8 August 2016 / 2 months 2 weeks ago

On August 2, our favorite newlyweds Ruby Lin (林心如) and Wallace Huo (霍建華) went back to their motherland in Taiwan to hold a second wedding banquet.

They are following a traditional Southern Chinese wedding custom, in which the bride and her new groom visit her family’s home on the third day of marriage.

Though Ruby and Wallace welcomed press coverage, they declined to do interviews.

Their wedding banquet was attended by numerous close friends and celebrities, such as Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), Peter Ho (何潤東), Patty Hou (侯佩岑),Kelly Lin (林熙蕾), and Leo Ku (古巨基).

Ruby appeared in several different looks that night, including a white floral dress and a red Chinese wedding gown, reports Jayne Stars.

Her wedding jewelry was sponsored by the luxury brand Bulgari, amassing more than $410 million TWD. The Le Magnifiche Creazioni collection she wore to compliment her Chinese wedding gown is worth about $400 million TWD, and the Divas’ Dream collection she wore with her white dress is $6.9 million TWD.

The venue was decorated with flowers popularly grown in Taiwan, including pink roses, pink hydrangeas, and pink moth orchids. The theme was “Wings of Happiness”.

The flower arrangements on the couple’s main table were inspired by the traditional Chinese wedding crown, a symbol to represent happiness and love. The wedding favors for the guests included a crystal music box and skincare products.

Ruby and Wallace Kiss for 10 Seconds, Expecting First Baby

At the banquet, the groom reaffirmed his friendship and love for his bride, saying, “We’ve known each other for so long. We went from being friends who share everything with each other, to lovers, and now to being a married couple. It’s a strange feeling.”

After his speech, Wallace kissed Ruby for ten long seconds, breaking the crowd into cheers.

Jolin, who became close friends with Ruby after collaborating in her music video “We’re All Different, Yet the Same” <不一樣又怎樣>, accidentally slipped that Ruby and Wallace were expecting a baby in the presence of reporters.

“Best wishes to the baby’s health!” said Jolin. She laughed awkwardly after realising her mistake. The MC then quickly corrected, “That is for their future baby, right?” Ruby laughed at the response.

Though pregnancy rumors have been circulating for a while, neither Ruby nor Wallace have ever confirmed it. Nonetheless, Ruby has been seen with a protruding belly, and the first dish at their wedding banquet was called “Have a Son Soon” (早生貴子), alluding to her pregnancy.

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