More details about Linda Chung's wealthy husband -- and why she married him

26 February 2016 / 8 months 4 days ago

TVB sweetheart Linda Chung secretly married a chiropractor in Canada at the end of last year, she announced on Wednesday, amid rife rumours that she is expecting her first child.

The 31-year-old Chinese-Canadian actress shared a photo of the wedding on Weibo and introduced her husband as "Jeremy from Vancouver", reports The Straits Times.

Apple Daily, quoting sources, said that Jeremy, about 43, is the nephew of former TVB chairman Norman Leung. Asian E-News Portal reported that he has an annual salary of $5.7 million Hong Kong dollars and that the bachelor is a good match for the TVB goddess.

After Chung and actor Philip Ng ended their eight-year romance two years ago, her sister fixed her up with Jeremy and the actress met her future husband, who has a clinic, when she was visiting her family in Vancouver, the report said.

She wrote on Weibo: "Early last year, I finally met him - my husband, Jeremy from Vancouver. Since we met, we have found that we have values, faiths and endless topics in common. He is mature and loving, and also gentle and considerate to me."

"Our elders wanted us to get married as soon as possible, and start a family," she said, adding that it was what she also wanted.

"Last autumn, Jeremy asked me to marry him, and I agreed because I am sure he is the Mr Right of my life. Late last year, we had a solemn, simple wedding, witnessed by our parents and God."

The couple will also hold a make-up banquet on Saturday, she said.

Chung, who is rumoured to be five months pregnant, was wearing a loose dress and a wedding ring when she appeared with TVB actor Ruco Chan at stage shows in San Franciso and Las Vegas, said Apple Daily (see photos in the gallery).

On Wednesday, she did not deny the baby rumours, but talked around them. She wrote: "I hope I will be a good wife and mother in the future. As for the other rumours, I will not respond to each and every one. Please let me have a little space. At an appropriate time, I will share the good news with everyone."

Near the end of the statement, she gave a shout-out to her friends, TVB actresses Lianne Li, Eliza Sam, Grace Wong and Christine Kuo, for having kept her relationship and her marriage a secret.

See more photos of Linda Chung and details about her marriage in the gallery below.

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