MMA fighter forced to fight in higher weight class -- because her chest is too large

30 September 2015 / 1 year 3 weeks ago

Brye Anne Russillo is a 29-year-old amateur MMA fighter who will be competing in the Aggressive Combat Championships this weekend.

She has a career record of 1-1, and works as a pastry chef and bartender when she isn’t training the octagon. However, there is one quirk to Russillo’s story that is unlike any other: her double-D breasts force her to fight in a higher weight class than she would like.

In fact, it took her three months to agree to a 150-pound limit against Paige Lian. “I can’t cut my tits off and put them on the side, they weigh 12 pounds,” said Russillo, while discussing agreeing upon a weight class with her opponent.

It took over three months for the two teams to agree to fight at 150-pounds. Lian normally fights around 145-pounds, and Russillo, a tall, athletic fighter, normally fights around 155-pounds.

Russillo did mention she plans to enter the cage for her next fight at 135-pounds, Busted Coverage and My MMA news.

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