Alvin Chau's wife files for divorce -- while Mandy Lieu announces 2nd child

16 February 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

The whirlwind love triangle between casino tycoon Alvin Chau, his wife Heidi Chan and mistress Mandy Lieu is far from over even after his wife is intending to divorce him.

According to Jaynestars, adding to the drama is Mandy Lieu's latest announcement that she is carrying a second child of Alvin Chau's -- a boy. 

Mandy gave birth to Alvin’s daughter last May in London, and is now reportedly four months pregnant with a boy.

Both Heidi and Mandy were expecting their first children with Alvin at around the same time last year, both giving birth to baby girls just two weeks apart.

Heidi had arranged for a C-section to give birth on Alvin's birthday, but Mandy unexpectedly popped earlier.

This time, Mandy is expecting to be due in July, much to Alvin’s delight.

A boy also has a higher 'place' in the traditional Chinese mindset, as they carry on the family name. 

Although Mandy’s belly was evidently not protruding during a recent vacation to Phuket, a closer look at her pregnant photos last year revealed Mandy’s tendency to retain a slim figure during her pregnancy.

Although Heidi had great tolerance for Alvin’s extra-marital affairs in the past, she surprisingly announced her divorce intentions in December.

Could Mandy’s second pregnancy be the reason for Heidi’s decision to file for divorce?

Despite the recent turn of events, Heidi is still living with Alvin’s father in the same house. However, reports emerged that Mandy will return to Hong Kong in March to set her up new love nest with Alvin.

When reached for comments, Mandy’s manager dodged the question and refused to respond to Mandy’s personal matters.

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