Michael Jackson's 'Neverland' up for sale -- but would you dare buy it?

25 February 2016 / 8 months 2 days ago

Michael Jackson's former Neverland Ranch is up for sale for $100 million. 

Colony Capital is offloading Sycamore Valley Ranch in Los Olivos, California and to help attract interest for the property the company has created a five-minute promotional video of the property. 

But a source has told gossip website TMZ that Colony didn't have permission to use the late pop superstar's music in the video. 

The clip features the song 'Man in the Mirror' in the background of a virtual tour of the plush property and its surrounding grounds. 

The gossip website believes the Michael Jackson Estate could be in line for some of the profit if and when it sells. 

In November 2008, Michael transferred the title of Neverland to Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC - a joint venture between him and a Colony affiliate. 

The 'Beat It' hitmaker purchased the ranch - which was named after the fantasy island which features in 'Peter Pan', a book series by novelist J. M. Barrie - for $19.5 million in 1987. 

Last year, Michael's daughter Paris Jackson, 17, built a Zen garden at the ranch. 

She also had a Peter Pan-like boy sitting on a moon carved into the ground in the middle of the garden.

Lollipop recently featured an article showing creepy discoveries a group of friends made after breaking into Michael Jackson's house. Potential buyers might think twice after seeing what they found.

See the gallery below for what happened.

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