Man pulls out from step-daughter's wedding at the last minute -- but you'll love why

1 November 2015 / 11 months 4 weeks ago

A man decided that he had enough being taken for granted after all that he had done for his girlfriend’s family. He decided to draw the line when it came to his step-daughter’s wedding.

According to a report in Izismile, he had been taking care of his girlfriend and her family for the past ten years but his lover’s ex-husband makes an appearance from time to time and it seems that his girlfriend still loves her ex deeply.

But it wasn’t this that made the step-father mad, it was the fact that he had paid for everything but his “family” did not allow him to invite 20 people to the wedding venue that can hold up to 250 guests.

On top of that, he was footing the bill for the wedding but his step-daughter decided that she’d like her biological father to walk her down the aisle despite all that her stepdad had done for her.

Feeling disrespected and used, her step-dad then decides to pull out from the wedding.

Find out how he did it in the gallery below.

It is unclear as to where the incident occurred but one thing’s for sure, never take what you have for granted.

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