Man devastated that woman he married 3 months ago is in alleged sex video with K-pop star Kang Gary

8 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Earlier this week, various media reported about the alleged sex tape of Kang Gary.

The rumors was immediately denied by LeeSsang Company but the video is still circulating online. Now, the woman in the video is now a married woman. She tied the knot just 3 months ago and her family, especially her husband is devastated with the scandal.

Some media were able to talk with the husband and he gave his thoughts about the issue. The interview was also the first time he ever spoke about the video since it started to circulate. Firstly, he admitted that the woman involved in sex tape is his wife, reports Kpopstarz.

He shared that they are still newly-weds, having married in June of this year. He further said that his wife, family, and friends have suffered and in deep pain because of the video. Also, the spread of captured images of his wife while in intimate act, made the case worst.

The man also said that when the video was first published, he thought of divorcing his wife but as he got a lot of support from friends, he instead promised to protect and stand by his wife as they go through the hard time. Besides, the video was from a time when they are not married yet, it was part of his wife's past.

In the end, the husband also expressed his determination to run after the person responsible for the leak of the video and he would press charges so he could be punished for his wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, LeeSsang Company also voiced their stand to take legal action for the malicious rumors about Gary as a result of the sex tape. The agency also firmly denied that Gary is the man in the video.

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