Lustful man thinks he’s texting a hot girl -- then gets a rude surprise

7 January 2016 / 9 months 3 weeks ago

Many of us have staged pranks before -- but this teen just took trolling to the next level.

The male teen wore a navy dress with a high slit and flaunted his legs in a picture he sent to the receiver, a horny guy. 

His attempt to deceive the lustful man was indeed successful considering how he had immediately believed that the teen was a woman, exclaiming, "If my wife wore something like that, she is not leaving un****ed." 

But little did he know that the 'she' he was drooling over was in fact a prank.

The teen then proceeded to send a full-figure image of him to the male, who got what he deserved. 

Browse through the gallery by Ebaum's world to find out what happened. 

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