Looking so fly: Here are 13 airlines with the best-looking flight crew

18 September 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Source: migme

On Monday (Sep 14), Air India announced that they will ground 125 cabin crew if they failed to lose weight and reach the required BMI range.

According to Time, the airline claims that this is due to safety concerns, as they wanted to ensure the crew was fit enough to handle emergency situations. Male crew have to have a Body Mass Index of 18-25, while it is 18-22 for females.

This follows the 2014 guidelines from the Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation which states that overweight cabin crew have three months to lose weight or be declared unfit for duties for six months.

migme user @susmitsenn was happy that the “fat aunties will finally be out and make way for sexier air hostesses,” however he was shocked they would be sacked for being ‘fat’.

Take a look at the 13 airlines with the best-looking flight crew in the gallery below. 

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