The little things Huang Xiaoming does for Angelababy show he's a super sweet hubby

28 February 2016 / 8 months 2 days ago

They may only have seen each other for 15 days since marrying each other for nine months, it does not put a strain on their affection.

Huang Xiaoming has proven to be the caring and sweet husband he is to Angelababy, reports Asian E-News Portal.

The couple has been busy working since married and they returned to their hometown together during Lunar New Year.

Angelababy did not wear any make-up and was given 'queen' treatment by her husband. Xiaoming immediately helped her to put on the coat upon seeing Angelababy was feeling cold and they greeted the fans when they spotted them.

In addition, Xiaoming was eating with his mother and granny during the latest episode of Mainland China variety show, The Greatest Love.

However, his eyes started tear after eating vegetables with mustard and the netizens praised he was cute.

During the show, Xiaoming's mother kept telling him that she wished Angelababy will become pregnant so that she could be a grandmother.

He replied to let nature take its course.

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