Linda Chung rumoured to drop out of drama starring BF Philip Ng and Ruco Chan

12 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

It’s official – Linda Chung‘s boyfriend, Philip Ng, confirmed that he will be filming his first TVB period drama.

Philip shared his new TVB identification card on his social media account today, reports Jayne Stars

Skilled in a wide range of martial arts forms, Philip has starred in and choreographed the action stunts for several Hong Kong movies.

Currently managed by Wong Jing, Philip’s film career is on the rise. Since 2013, reports were abuzz that Philip will collaborate with TVB, although final negotiations only clinched recently.

Philip’s new TVB drama in tentatively titled Hero Within the City, which will also star Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu, and Grace Wong Used to performing action scenes in movies, Philip looks forward to filming martial arts scenes for the new drama.

Initially, it was rumored that Linda Chung came up with the idea for the storyline and was supposed to be the lead female actress in martial arts series.

However, her role later went to good friend Grace Wong instead. It is speculated that Linda purposely dropped out of the dream to avoid generating unnecessary gossip.

The producer for Hero Within the City, Jazz Boon clarified that Linda’s name was never on the cast list to begin with.

Jazz stated that any reports claiming Linda would work with Philip in the drama were false.
Browse through the gallery to view Phillip Ng's identity card. 

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