Linda Chung and BF Philip Ng 'haven’t contacted each other in a while'

15 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

The cast of new TVB series Hero Within the City including Ruco Chan, Philip Ng, Nancy Wu, and Moon Lau appeared at TVB City today for some martial arts training.

Although both male leads had been previously rumored with actress Linda Chung, they expressed their collaboration is unaffected and that they were unaware of false speculations that Linda was supposed to star in the series.

According to Jayne Stars, when asked if he felt any sense of awkwardness to be collaborating with a reported love rival, Ruco remarked,

“Why would I? The reports weren’t true.”

He added that Philip would be portraying his good friend. Speaking of Linda’s alleged participation in the series, Ruco exclaimed,

“I didn’t know about that. There are many things I don’t know about!”

Philip also laughed and expressed he does not feel awkward around Ruco,

“I think he’s a great guy; he’s very polite. I believe we’ll be great partners!”

Philip remarked he was unsure about the tabloids that suggested Linda was supposed to be the female lead.

When asked if he would be scared to collaborate with her, he exclaimed,

“I would do my best no matter whom the producer wants me to work with.

For example, I’m very happy this time to be working alongside Moon!”

Since this is Philip’s first drama with TVB, reporters asked if he approached Linda for some filming tips.

He replied,

“Nope, we haven’t contacted each other in a while.”

When prompted to reveal whether their relationship came to an end, Philip simply stated,

“We’re friends.”

Earlier, Ruco accidentally hit a reporter while he was driving a female passenger.

Regarding the incident, Ruco hopes the media would focus on the safety of the local reporters rather than unnecessary gossip.

When asked about the identity of his female friend, Ruco remarked,

“You can ask her, but why does she have to tell you? It wasn’t her fault, and I’m the one who is supposed to step up.”

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