Lin Chi-ling says she 'won't appear in public' if she becomes old or fat

16 December 2015 / 10 months 1 week ago

​December 15, 2015

Model and actress Lin Chi-ling made a startling revelation in a recent episode of popular Taiwanese talkshow Mr Con and Ms Csi.

Discussing the topic of plastic surgery among female celebrities, Lin revealed she would talk with production crew in private about "how different they look".

But she added that she will not question the celebrity directly.

Nor would she pass any judgment, "as they would probably be very sad already".

Upon hearing her words, host Dee Hsu replied in horror: "I've never heard you say such evil things before!"

Lin continued that if she were to see a female celebrity who has put on weight, it serves as a reminder to herself that "if there comes a day when I'm fat or old, I won't appear in public ever again."

Hsu's response was: "That's too harsh".

Lin explained that it's not because she can't accept that she's ugly, "but others have very high expectations of me, so I have standards to keep to."

She lamented how society these days deems ageing a sin.

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