Lee San San under immense pressure after selling her Miss Hong Kong tiara

25 July 2016 / 3 months 4 days ago
Former Miss Hong Kong winner Lee San San announced that she was selling her tiara and has been providing updates on the sale through her Weibo.
According to Asian E-News Portal, she disclosed that she has experienced extreme pressure from selling her tiara and has shouted to release stress.
She wrote:
"To me, crying is a good way as I can bid farewell to the unhappiness in my body. Selling tiara begins in June and it gives me pressure as a result and I am losing my patience while waiting to recover. I finally cried this night and releasing the emotions is unavoidable when starting to sell the tiara."
After concern started streaming in from friends and fans, she replied:
"Having emotions is normal and you do not need to console. Based on my experience, I prefer to release it to suppressing it."
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