Lee San San now said to have fainted at home after brain tumour rumours

2 June 2016 / 4 months 3 weeks ago

Lee San San (李珊珊), 38, was earlier rumoured to have had a brain tumour and been dating a married man.

Although she has clarified them, it is now rumoured that she had fainted at home recently and that firefighters had to break into her house in order to save her, reports Asian E-News Portal.

Hence, ON.CC (東網) contacted San San and she said: "Thank you for the concern and my door is okay. I am fine and please do not worry. Nothing for me to add on."

When asked about the brain tumour incident, San San denied it immediately: "I have no tumour. (Is your body alright?) Who does not fall sick at this age?"

San San sounded very energetic on the phone and looks like she is fine after all.

Check out more newly-added photos of her in the gallery.

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