Lee San San blasted by nasty netizen: 'So old, so black and so ugly!'

15 December 2015 / 10 months 1 week ago

Five days ago, former Ms Hong Kong, Lee San San (李珊珊) uploaded a photo of a candy tin to say goodnight, reports Asian E-News Portal.

However, a netizen did not give face to the former beauty queen at all and left a nasty message: "So old, so black, so ugly!"

Though beauty and intelligence are equally important, it is difficult to simmer down after the criticism. Hence, San San decided to forgo her sleep and replied the message for the sake of justice.

She said, "Little girl, we have no feud and does this automatically increase your height by two inches? The existence of social networking websites and Weibo are not for us to use in this way. Please focus on learning your favourite dance and enjoy your life in order not to waste your youth."

Fortunately, other netizens tried to console San San and she managed to sleep after that.

See the postings in the gallery below.

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