Woman left with sunken forehead after accident is transformed on Korean TV show

10 February 2016 / 1 year 3 months ago

A Korean woman who suffered from low self-esteem after she was left with sunken forehead from an accident has been given a new lease of life -- thanks to plastic surgery.

According to id hospital Korea plastic surgery, HyunKyung had an accident at the age of 5. She says she was run over by a truck.

The accident left her a part of her forehead severely sunken and resulted in her having asymmetrical eyes with completely different heights and a nose that was tilted to the side like a bow.

Fortunately, HyungKyung who was engaged got an opportunity to alter her looks by appearing on the world famous makeover show – “Let Me In”.

Dubbed the "half-faced bride-to-be", HyungKyung’s forehead was fixed by adding a bone to supplement the defect.

The doctor in charge of the procedure said: “She had the accident at such a young age so the bone growth hadn’t taken place. It is a situation where you can’t fix the bone but have to supplement the bone defect. We had to put an artificial bone into sunken part.”

After 64 days, HyunKyung’s makeover was complete and she was happy with the results. The bride-to-be was beaming as she revealed her new look to the hosts of the program.

Her mother who was also present at the reveal could not believe her eyes and was wowed by HyunKyung’s new appearance.

She was almost unrecognisable but is content with the change.

Check out her transformation in the gallery below and watch the videos here

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