Korean media criticises 'unfair' conditions that rookie group was forced to perform in

12 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Source: allkpop

A video that is a compilation of Korean media covering G-Friend's recent, viral, tumble-filled performance is grabbing a lot of attention, particularly as the reporters or guests on the news programs raise their voices at the unfair treatment toward the rookie group and the horrible conditions they were forced to perform in.

In some clips, they literally raise their voices, demanding an apology toward the girls from the organizers of the event, saying that they should have said sorry yet they have remained quiet toward the girls.

Other clips say that the conditions were too horrible for the girls to have gone on, clearly due to how many times the members fall.

One reporter even mentions how saddening it must have been for their parents to watch this.

One interesting clip later on shows a man exclaiming that this was unfair treatment toward G-Friend because they were a rookie group which was not that big as of yet.

He says that if it had been Girls' Generation or KARA, they would unlikely have let it go on like this, raising an even bigger problem of how K-Entertainment and the industry might think and work.

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