Korean actress Go Doo Rim blasted for posting images of milk spilled down her cleavage

26 February 2016 / 8 months 1 day ago

Korean actress Go Doo Rim is under fire after posting allegedly inappropriate 19+ photos on her Facebook.

She is seen holding a cup of milk in one hand while some of the milk is spilled down her cleavage.

Along with the photo, she added the caption: "Why am I spilling everyday when I drink something, I’m such a clumsy babo."

After the photo was shared by Korean media Dispatch, netizens have criticised her for the photos. Koreaboo has compiled some of the best comments:

"This is great hahaha. What a great attention whore."

"Hahahahahaahahahahah After I saw this hahahah I laughed out loud by myself hahahahahahahahahahah milk hahahahahahahahahahah spilt so much hahahaahahhahahahha time to clean it hahahahahahahahahhaa."

"You won’t spill if you drink with your mouth closed."

"Why do I find this so funny hahahahahahahhahaaha."

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