Korean actor Kim Seong Min declared brain dead after suicide attempt

27 June 2016 / 4 months 1 day ago

Korean actor Kim Seong Min, 43 was declared brain dead yesterday (June 27) after attempting suicide.

According to The Korea Herald via AsiaOne, Kim had attempted suicide by hanging following a fight with his wife on Friday (June 24).

The Seoul St Mary's Hospital's medical team pronounced him dead at around 8.45am yesterday.

Surgery was scheduled for 6pm to remove his organs for transplant.

Five patients will received his organs including his kidney, liver, intestines and corneas.

His wife and son agreed to this as he had previously wished to donate his organs upon death.

Once the operation is completed, he will be declared dead when the respiratory equipment is removed.

Kim rose to stardom after appearing hit TV drama Miss Mermaid in 2002.
Since then he has appeared in several more TV dramas and films with the most recent being The Three Musketeers in 2014.
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