Kim Yoo Jung rushed to hospital after shock attack triggered by netizens' criticism

3 January 2017 / 4 months 3 weeks ago

Kim Yoo Jung was rushed to a hospital after suffering from a stress-induced shock attack last Monday (Dec 26) , believed to have been triggered by netizens’ criticism of her ‘acting inappropriately’ at a movie premiere. 

Besides the shock attack, Yoo Jung is also suffering from a severe flu, reports Koreaboo

The controversy began earlier last week when she was criticised for standing with one foot forward on stage, while simultaneously picking her nails, both gestures which are considered rude in the Korean culture. 

A spokesperson from SidusHQ has issued the following statement in light of the developments: 

“Kim Yoo Jung was showing signs of stress induced shock last night (December 26th) and was rushed to the hospital. 

“She is currently hospitalised and in a very bad condition to continue with her activities.

"We are currently unable to make any decisions regarding her future activities.

“Kim Yoo Jung is aware of the problem that is being discussed online and is regretting that her actions have caused such controversy and that she has disappointed fans who have always trusted her.

“The company will do it’s best to never let such an incident repeat itself. We bow our head and apologize for causing everyone discomfort and worry.”

However, fans have jumped to her defence, saying that she wasn’t rude at all.

They even cited that the star was smiling cheerfully on stage at the event and interacted with the rest of the cast positively. 

Soon after the event, it was revealed that Yoo Jung had a severe flu during the event, and she was rushed to the emergency room due to exhaustion. 

The company has said that they would be suspending all activities for her while she recuperates. 

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