Kenny Wong breaks ring finger during fight scene, has to finish filming before getting treatment

7 July 2016 / 3 months 2 weeks ago

Kenny Wong recently attended a TVB Jade event and expressed that he hoped Mat Yeung, who injured himself during filming, will recover soon.

He revealed that when he filmed for Speed of Life, he used a stuntman as much as possible for dangerous scenes so he didn't get injured, reports Asian E-News Portal.

He also revealed that 20 years ago, because he was still young and also many actors personally did the stunts, he has filmed huge explosion scenes and has even jumped to the ground from the third floor.

As for whether he has ever injured himself, Kenny expressed that during the filming of Grace Under Fire, there was a fight scene where he broke the ring finger on his left hand but he had to finish filming the scene before tending to his injury.

He also candidly expressed that he is older now so the crew would ensure his safety comes first.

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