Ken Kwok leaves generous asset for ex-wife -- despite being engaged to Lynn Hung

23 March 2016 / 7 months 1 week ago

Ken Kwok might be recently engaged to Lynn Hung, but it seems that he is still in close contact with his ex-wife -- and has left her a generous asset.

According to Jaynestars, the duo is getting married in December.

With a net worth of $100 million HKD, Ken treats his women well. He has showered Lynn with a $800,000 HKD luxury car and $10 million HKD apartment in their one-year dating period.

An especially generous man, Ken also left some real estate assets under his ex-wife’s name, leading to gossip over their tangled past.

Like many other wealthy men, Ken has a complicated romantic past.

He divorced his wife Ami in 2013 but continued to remain in close contact with her, even as he began dating Lynn. In 2014, for instance, Ken attended Ami’s birthday celebration and at the end of that year, went on a romantic holiday with Lynn to Taiwan.

Furthermore, a luxury property that was jointly owned by Ken and Ami during their marriage continues to remain under their joint names even today.

What complicates the situation further is that Ami does not appear to have moved on. On Ami’s Facebook profile, she displays couple photographs of her and Ken from their first year of marriage to 2014 after their divorce. These photographs remained even after Lynn’s recent announcement on her engagement to Ken.

When contacted for a response, Ken initially said, “I haven’t noticed…I don’t really use Facebook much.”

An hour later, Ken approached the reporter and explained that Ami had merely failed to delete those photographs.

Ken added, “Actually, we’re all friends. Our split was also amicable. There was nothing unpleasant…it was purely because our personalities were incompatible. We also went through a period of separation [before the official divorce]. I only signed the divorce papers with her in April 2014.”

When pressed for comment on the cake he gifted Ami in 2014 which the icing said “husband” and “wife”, Ken said, “It was a birthday…there’s no need to arrive at a conclusion based on one photograph. I also don’t wish to bring up matters that belong in the past. Whatever it is, we formally split up in 2014.”

Ken further clarified that he rarely interacted with Ami after he started dating Lynn, “It wasn’t very convenient to contact her but we have mutual friends, so we did not lose touch with each other. We would occasionally ask after each other, as regular friends do.”

As for suspicions that Lynn was a third party in Ken’s marriage with Ami, based on the timing of the divorce and the start of his relationship with Lynn, Ken pointed out that those suspicions were absolutely unfounded, “I actually only got to know Lynn after my divorce, after I signed my divorce papers. Perhaps you can say that my relationship [with Lynn] developed very quickly, but these things can’t really be explained.”

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