Kay Tse spotted with weight gain -- but here's why she's happy about it

8 September 2016 / 8 months 2 weeks ago

Kay Tse was spotted looking a little bloated, but she won't be too worried about her weight gain.

The 39-year-old had previously announced that she will be leaving showbiz to 'pursue a baby'... and it seems like congratulations are in or

According to Jaynestars, Louis Cheung has recently indirectly hinted at his wife’s second pregnancy.

After photographs of Kay looking rather bloated in overalls, fans began wondering if the singer was already several months pregnant with her second child. 

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In response to all the congratulatory messages he has been receiving, Louis said, “We’ll welcome a baby if there is a one – we have plans and I do love kids. If there are news, we’ll let everyone know.”

When asked if he wanted to keep this under the lid until after the first trimester, Louis laughed, “When I can’t say, I really mean I can’t say! Thank you for all your well wishes. My wife and family are all very happy so if there’s something to reveal, then it will be revealed.”

And in terms of Kay’s ’rounder stomach’, Louis said he has not noticed any changes and praised his wife for being fit despite having only been eating and resting at home recently. Louis exclaimed, “She’s very healthy – she’s stunning from top to bottom!”

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