Kathy Chow posts 'naked' photo of son with husband in the bath -- showing 'everything'

18 October 2015 / 1 year 1 week ago

Hong Kong supermodel Kathy Chow (周汶錡) has been very active on social media in the past few months, updating fans and friends with pictures of her baby boy, Jacques Lepeu (雷棨宇).

According to Jayne Stars, Kathy even shared a picture of the cute three-month-old infant taking a bath with his father Julien Lepeu, showing everything!

Jacques, the first son of Kathy and her French husband Julien, was born in July via Cesarean section. The new mother was very excited to welcome her little prince to the world, often updating fans and friends about Jacques.

Yesterday, Kathy uploaded a picture of Julien taking a bath with Jacques, and while Julien wore a pair of red boxers, Jacques wore nothing. However, Kathy did edit in a yellow duck to censor Jacques’ “sensitive area.”

In the photo, Jaques was seen floating comfortably and enjoyably on top of the bath water, his large eyes looking up at his father with his lips perked. Jacques did not seem to be afraid of the water and appears to be quite a natural swimmer!

See the pictures in the gallery below.

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