Kate Tsui's classmates 'mock' her and tell her to wear gowns to school because of her celebrity status

20 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Artiste Kate Tsui and director Carrie Ng went to Mong Kok to pull in viewers for new film, Knock Knock Who's There.

Kate greatly praised the new film's promotional tactic being new and unique, making the scene crowded in advanced, reports Asian E-News Portal

Kate was asked whether there are new developments in her discussion with TVB about her contract, she said:

"No, recently I've mainly been busy with my classes, don't have the time to think about it, I wouldn't be deciding in the short term, going to school is very busy for me, my classmates laugh at me, saying I have to wear an evening gown to class because everyday there are reporters that take photos of me.

(When will you make a decision?) There's no rush, the company has been discussing about it with me, it has continued helping me accept jobs, jobs until February, our collaboration relationship is quite good, no worries."

As for Johnnie To and Eric Tsang having an interest to sign her, Kate said:

"What? Why is it that I actually don't know about this?

(Did they reach out to you beforehand?) It's been a long time so there must have been interactions.

(How about recently?) I did discussed with different departments, don't want to decide yet, (It's rumored that the Shaw Brothers also wanted to sign you?) It's one of the options, but haven't thought about it clearly yet.

(From now on, you'll only film movies, not dramas?) I've filmed both dramas and movies in the past, I don't have to ..., give me more time, my contract will be expiring this year.

(TVB still helps you accept next year's jobs?) Doesn't really matter, the company takes good care of me, our relationship is quite good."

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