Kate Tsui unrecognisable by fans without makeup

25 October 2015 / 12 months 4 days ago

Kate Tsui has been with TVB for 11 years and earlier, her contract ended.

According to Asian E-News Portal, since then she is living in a campus life, busy studying her jewelry design course.

A few days ago Kate was seen on the streets of Sheung Wan dressed casually. She also had light makeup on and messy hair. As she currently does not have a job, she has been spending her money carefully and also shopping at stores with items less than ten dollars.

That evening at 6pm, Kate parked her car in a street at Sheung Wan and then hurriedly got out of her car. Kate was seen dressed very casually, wearing a black shirt and black pants, plus a red jacket.

Although Kate entered the entertainment industry as a Miss Hong Kong, on this day with her light makeup and while she was shopping at a health food store, no one recognised her.

She would often squint her eyes while walking. It seems as though she is very tired.

After Kate left the health food store, she then shopped at a street store. She was seen browsing at ten dollar pants and seems to be saving as much money as she can.

Afterwards, she entered another store and left in less than ten minutes. She then hurriedly went to pick up her car and it seems as though she did not want to be fined for parking.

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