Kate Tsui says she will 'fire' Spanish guy after photos spark rumours that they are dating

14 April 2016 / 6 months 1 week ago

Kate Tsui has recently been surrounded by rumours that she is dating a Spanish guy.

This came after seemingly intimate photos of the two went viral, reports Asianpopnews.

Kate also reportedly travelled to Spain with the guy to visit his parents. The guy would often post photos with Kate on his Instagram too.

However, the Spanish man has since dismissed the rumours about him and Kate. Kate also denied the rumours, and clarified her relationship with him. 

"Are you joking? He is my subordinate, helping me with my jewellery business. Now that there’s such news, I will fire him. He has just completed his three months probation, but he is too handsome. I will fire him! He is helping me with the branding of my jewellery line."

Kate denied that she want to Spain with him, and said that she was on a holiday with friends.

Asked about their intimate photos, Kate said, "We are sisters!"

When asked if she would consider dating a foreigner, she said: "I am fine. It doesn’t necessary have to be a Chinese, but I have not tried liking a foreigner."

Kate described her love life by saying, "There are people chasing me, but I don’t feel anxious. I don’t feel the need to get married yet. I have gone for dates, but I have not found someone suitable yet."

Kate’s contract with TVB ended in August last year, and she was rumoured to have signed with Shaw Brothers.

Kate Tsui
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