Kate Pang and Andie Chen share birthing video of second daughter Avery

28 July 2016 / 2 months 3 weeks ago

27 July 2016

Giving birth to a child is a beautiful but painful process, and actress Kate Pang wants her two children to know that.

After posting a video showing the birthing process of their son, Aden, in 2014, the Taiwanese artiste and her actor husband Andie Chen have again posted another video documenting the moments before their daughter, Avery, was born on June 16 this year.

Entertainment website Toggle reported that Pang, 33, had opted for a natural birth without the use of painkillers.

In a previous interview, Chen, 31, told The New Paper that his wife had started bleeding the night before while she was in the shower.

"There was a lot of blood so I was quite scared," he said.

They then made their way to the hospital, and after about four hours of labour, Avery was born weighing a healthy 3.65kg.

The video, posted on the couple's website Kandie Network on July 17, shows the delivery process from the time the couple leaves their home to the moment Chen snips off the umbilical cord on the baby.

While the heavily-edited video begins with a happy-looking Pang, her mood soon changes when contractions start to kick in. There are no scenes of her screaming, but the video does show her wincing and crying in pain as the nurses encourage her to persevere on.

After the baby is safely delivered, Chen asks his wife if she has any words for the camera. With a huge sigh, a worn-out Pang says: "I don't want to give birth anymore".

Many netizens have expressed support for the couple and said that they were touched by the video's message.

The couple told Toggle they were surprised that their video had become so popular. The clip garnered over 1.6 million views on Facebook in just 10 days.

Chen was quoted by Toggle as saying: "Initially, we filmed it for the intention of showing it to our family members but later decided that it would be good to share it with our fans as well. I was pretty touched when I first watched it because giving birth is really no mean feat."

Pang added that many women have tagged their husbands in the comments section, asking them to appreciate the pain they went through as well.

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