Karena Ng says BF Raymond Lam loves to drink, and does THIS afterwards

13 June 2016 / 4 months 1 week ago

Actress Karena Ng attended a skincare event recently and watched a magic show as well.

She disclosed that the owner had a winery in France and invited her for a tour.

When asked if her drinking level was satisfactory, Karena said: "Okay.

When asked if she would she invest in wine, she replied: "Raymond Lam did but not me.

"He bought many wine and drank more than me but my metabolism is better than him.

Reporters then asked how drunk he has gotten, to which she answered: "He will say many things and become long-winded when drunk and I will dance around and become crazy when drunk too.

"Once, I bought two champagnes in a bar in Italy and I poured it when somebody walked pass me.

"Although we have a communication barrier, but I had a good time and feel quite passionate after drinking."

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