K-pop star Hani cries onstage at Seoul Music Awards because co-host teased her about this

18 January 2016 / 9 months 1 week ago

EXID member Hani burst into tears onstage at the 2016 Seoul Music Awards last Thursday (Jan 14).

Her co-host Jun Hyun-moo kept mentioning her boyfriend JYJ Kim Jun-su and made puns about him throughout the night.

According to The Korea Herald via AsiaOne, she could not control her emotions when he told her that she looked good that day.

The expression "good-looking" is a homophone of Jun-su's name in Korean.

Initially, the mood seemed light-hearted as the two appeared to be laughing at the joke but suddenly, Hani burst into tears and tried to avoid being filmed.

Hani had said the previous day following the news of their relationship, that she was burdened because she knew that she would end up talking about Jun-su and it might offend his fans.

What was most surprising though was Jun-su was not even invited to the music event she was hosting despite being voted most popular ballad singer of the season.

This is probably why she was emotional as she felt guilty.

JYJ members have been blocked from performing on Korean TV music shows since 2009 party due to a contract dispute with former entertainment agency SM Entertainment.

Hani herself received an award with her group EXID and added, "He is receiving the popularity award today. He wasn't able to make it here but I'm very proud of him".

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