K-pop idol who admitted to prostitution explains why she did it

23 March 2016 / 7 months 1 week ago

A K-pop star has admitted that she was involved in a prostitution scandal, and received tens of thousands of dollars after meeting a 45-year-old Korean-American CEO named M Choi on at least three occasions.

The star, whose identity has yet to be confirmed, at first denied all allegations claiming that she was offered such a deal for prostitution.

According to Koreaboo, after her admission to police, here is her reasoning of how she got involved.

She claims she had 'no idea' what she was doing was considered as ‘prostitution’ and told Ilgan Sports that she was stupid at the time and she regrets her actions.

She said:

“My father passed away when I was young and I believed that I had to protect my mother and my little sibling.

"And during this, I borrowed money without thinking and didn’t realise there was some trade involved in it.”

The identity of the celebrity has not been released by authorities but netizens suspect her to be singer G.NA otherwise known as Gina Choi. 

However, many netizens simply aren't buying her sob story.

One said: "Starting to put emotions in the matter again. Are you some kid who is one or two years old? Are you some elementary student? Isn’t it obvious when someone lends you 15 million Won ($12,000 USD) and tells you not to pay back but come meet my friend in a date setting?? Just shut up and take time to look at this situation. Making excuses like this just gets rid of whatever left good image you had. I don’t know about your personal situation but you received around 1 billion Won ($900,000 USD) from the company but why did you have to borrow another 15 million Won from a friend tsk tsk tsk. I was a fan because of your innocent and nice image but I am really disappointed. F*ck off."

Another commented: "So what is this saying…? Broker lent her money and told her not to pay back. But she met up with broker’s setting in a date setting and they had sexual relations without exchanging money. But it turns out that they were exchanging money from behind??"

Another said: "Another legendary quote has come up with this scandal: 'I sold my body but I am not a prostitute.'"

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