Joyce Cheng bursts into tears on set of TV show when host mentions her late mum Lydia Sum

19 September 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Source: AsiaOne

Singer-actress Joyce Cheng broke down into a puddle of tears during the taping of a programme to promote "Eat at Home Day" in Hong Kong, which falls on Oct 10.

In the short clip, the host of the show reminisced about her favourite dish that her mum, the late Lydia Sum, popularly known as "Fei Fei", used to cook for her.

"Mum was a good cook. She had a fried prawn dish ('ha lok'), and to prepare it, she would cut off the sharp ends of the prawn heads, so that they would look so round and fat on the plate," said the 28-year-old.

Cheng also said she missed her grandmother and mother's Shanghainese cooking from when she was growing up, especially since she now stays on her own.

Seeing a participant tucking into his mum's home-cooked food during the taping, Cheng burst into tears and exclaimed: "I really miss my mum's cooking now!"

After the segment was over, the crew surprised Cheng with an array of dishes from her childhood - including the fried 'ha lok', salted chicken and a fish and vegetable soup her grandmother often cooked for her.

On seeing the food, an emotional Cheng burst into tears again and said: "My grandma used to cook this for me. I haven't eaten these dishes in a long time!"

While eating in between sobs, Cheng spoke in Shanghainese: "It's so delicious".

According to My Paper, the short clip has touched many netizens, with many crying along with her.

In the clip, Cheng also spoke about treasuring your loved ones and not giving excuses for not eating with your family, "because there may come a time when you can't have a meal with them anymore, even if you wanted to".

Cheng also reminded herself that she should have more meals with her dad, Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng, whom Sum divorced when the younger Cheng was a child.

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