Joe Chen responds to reports that she cried and got drunk at Wallace Huo's wedding

15 August 2016 / 2 months 1 week ago

Rumours circulated last week that Wallace Huo's ex-girlfriend Joe Chen cried after getting drunk on the night of his wedding to Ruby Lin.

However, Joe addressed the matter in a message on her Weibo account, according to Asian E-News Portal.

She wrote: "Absurd and helpless! 

"To the media, please think about work ethic before making up any stories. Perhaps you do not have any work ethics after all. 

"I am a simple person, enjoying my work and life. I only wish to work well and know some true friends if I am fortunate. 

"I do not wish to become the target of gossip and thank you for showing concern for me until making up a story. 

"Please let me off! Happy Tanabata!"

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