Joe Chen reportedly cried and got drunk at ex-BF Wallace Huo's wedding night

11 August 2016 / 2 months 2 weeks ago

Rumours were circling that Wallace’s ex-girlfriend, Joe Chen cried after getting drunk on the night of his wedding.

Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin were the hot topic of Asian entertainment after they got married in a whirlwind romance. 

Less than two months after announcing their romance, the duo wed in Bali on July 31. Ruby has announced that she is currently three months pregnant.

According to Asian Pop News, Wallace said that the relationship with Joe at that time ended because she had given in too much to love, whereas for him, his priority was on his career.

Joe’s manager has naturally dismissed the rumours, saying that Joe was not affected by Wallace’s wedding, and has been busy filming a drama in China.

Joe has also responded on her Weibo:

“I don’t wish to become a gossip topic. Thank you to so many people for your concern.

"For people who are helping me to spin my life story, please let me off.”

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