Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu 'working hard' to conceive second child

19 September 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

September 18, 2016

Actress Joanne Peh is making her return to local drama serials after taking a break for two years.

At a lensing ceremony last Wednesday (Sept 14) for upcoming TV series Dream Coder, she shared how her daughter, 'Little Qi', is just learning to walk at 13 months. She also revealed that the couple are working hard to conceive again, despite being in a long-distance marriage, My Paper reported.

Husband Qi Yuwu, who is based in Beijing, flew to Singapore on Sept 9 to celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary with a candle-light dinner. Peh shared that they made use of the romantic opportunity to hopefully give their daughter a little brother or sister.

But with the spread of Zika in Singapore recently, are they worried? "We have taken precautions are are more careful," said Peh.

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No tech for Little Qi

Although she's a proponent of all things digital, but for now, Peh does not allow her daughter to touch her mobile phone, the computer or even watch TV.

"I know we can't deny that technology plays an important role in our society, but we'll wait till she is older and knows self discipline before allowing her to use the computer," said Peh.

And no iPads for her either.

Peh added that when her daughter was outside for dinner and saw a boy playing with a tablet, she was curious and went over to press the touchscreen. 

But the couple believe that at her age, personal interaction is most important.

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