JJ Lin hears busker singing his song -- and then the most magical thing happens

21 November 2015 / 11 months 1 week ago

Local singer JJ Lin was out shopping when the familiar tunes of his song, 'Jiang Nan (江南)' stopped him in his tracks.

The 34-year-old posted a video on his Facebook page yesterday and said, "We are shopping. Bought quite a lot of things today. Then I passed by and heard a familiar tune so I stopped. Let's go check out what is happening."

The video shows a busker strumming along on his guitar and singing Lin's song, 'Jiang Nan (江南)'.

The Mandopop star, impressed, watches the performance for awhile, before being egged on by his companion to join in.

The moment Lin starts singing, excited fangirls who recognise him rush forward with their phone cameras whipped out.

Instead of stealing the spotlight, Lin shares it with the busker and the two sing along together.

They were met with loud cheers and warm applause at the end of the performance.

JJ Lin ends his video by declaring the whole thing a 'success' and said, "Let's continue shopping."



Posted by 林俊傑 JJ Lin on Thursday, 19 November 2015


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