Jimmy Lin wins netizens' hearts with his humility after he does this

2 February 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

Taiwan's ageless hearthrob Jimmy Lin has always been a hot favourite among Mandopop fans, but a recent act of his has got netizens swooning over him.

As one of the biggest names in the Chinese entertainment industry, Jimmy is well-known for his success, owning several businesses besides his booming entertainment and racing career. 

Known as an avid collector of cars, Jimmy's luxury sports car collection is also said to be on par with international sports car shows.

However, all that wealth did not seem to dull his love for simple pleasures, as Lin still loves his street food.

The former pop idol recently posted on Weibo, featuring his adventures at night markets in Taiwan.

In the post, Jimmy unreservedly professed his love for Taiwanese night market fare, and how he 'went all out at the market'.

According to Asian E-News Portal, he left a message saying "Went to Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) and saw many people lining up for the pan-fried pork bun (生煎包) from this stand so I  joined the crowd and bought some to try! 

"There was also Takoyaki (章魚燒), Honey-Crisp Chicken (蜜酥雞排), Jelly Tapioca Pearls (青蛙下蛋), what should I do? I can't eat anymore! My face is getting rounder and rounder!"

Impressed and amazed by how down-to-earth the star is, netizens were full of praises for Jimmy.

"I have fallen in love with you. Famous yet not showy. Wealthy, yet you eat from hawker stands on the streets." said a netizen. 

We got to agree that this comment is on point.

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